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Export of finnish waste management expertise to northwest Russia (ARCWASTE)

During this project, a market study of the waste management sector of Arkangelsk city was carried out. In particular, the city landfill and waste management logistics were investigated.

 The research indicated that the location of the city landfill is not acceptable according to present standards. The landfill site is situated on a territory above underground water sources. The mineral waters located under the site are not yet polluted; however, the fact that the water is used in public health is a cause for concern. The landfill site is also positioned on a swamp, due to which the collection and processing of landfill leachate is complicated. Moreover, because landfill lining constructions were not built, landfill seepage water escapes into the surrounding environment. As for the nearby municipal area, according to Russian law, the remoteness of the landfill is sufficient (1,5km); nevertheless, the negative influence of the landfill site on  human wellbeing is apparent. The poor quality of air, threat to the groundwater and pests affect the comfort and health of people. Moreover, smoke from landfill fires, spreading over the city are of added concern.

Therefore, it was concluded that, the ideal solution would be to close the landfill, and actions need to be taken to build the necessary environmental protection infrastructure. These are, first and foremost; compression of waste, landfill lining, collection, processing and treatment of landfill leachate (Landfill analysis Raportti). The project also calculated the investment costs needed to implement the necessary improvements.

An action plan until the year 2010 was composed, outlining investment projects. The plan includes establishing a waste management and monitoring organization, amending local legislation, development of a landfill and waste treatment plant strategy, development of a source separation program, reconstructing the economic structure for waste management, and restructuring the logistics of the collection system.
Investigation of different funding sources for waste management in the Arkhangelsk region was also carried out. Recommendations were made to apply for a grant to NEFCO and Tacis programs.

A source separation pilot experiment as a part of the action plan was designed and implemented in the Varavino area of Arkangelsk city in 2005 (20.10.05-15.12.05).
The goal of the experiment was to start forming a public awareness campaign, and monitor the opinion and behavior of citizens of Arkangelsk regarding separate collection systems and reuse of  municipal solid waste, as common ways of handling their garbage. It is expected that implementing source separation systems would reduce the amount of waste to be disposed on landfill and, therefore, would contribute to extending the life of the landfill site.


City of Oulu, Head Consulting Ltd, HFT Network Ltd, Oulu's waste management, Ecofoster Ltd, Savonia Polytechnic and Rovaniemi waterworks.

Project funding:

  • Interreg III A Karelia
  • Companies


1.3.2004 - 31.12.2005

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