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NorTech Oulu is Energy and Environmental Engineering Research group starting from 1.1.2016

The new organisation model of the University of Oulu will enter in force on 1st of January 2016, and as a result of this the story of NorTech Oulu as part of Thule Institute will come to an end. The name NorTech Oulu will fade into history, but we will continue our research, collaboration and international project activities as Energy and Environmental Research gruop under the Factulty of Technology. In the future, we will strengthen our input to the education at the Faculty of Technology and contribute to researcher education at the faculty. Energy and Environmental Engineering Research group is one of 13 research groups of the Faculty of Technology. Earlier on reseach has been done by departments and laboratories, but now on the research is done in research group level. The new webpage of the Energy and Environmental Research group will be published later.

New NPA-funded RECENT project has started

Northern Periphery and Arctic programme 2015-2020 has granted funding for RECENT project (Renewable community empowerment in Northern territories), which is led by International Resources and Recycling Institute (IRRI) in Scotland. The partnership includes also participants from Northern Ireland, Ireland, Sweden and University of Oulu from Finland, who will work together in order to increase energy knowledge in rural communities. The aim is to support rural communities in their efforts to make public infrastructures more resilient and energy efficient, and thus capable of handling climate change related risks. The three year long project started in September 2015.

Registration to the WARES conference is now open

NorTech Oulu organises a WARES conference in Oulu on 4th of June. The aim of the event is to discuss about the utilisation of water assets in renewable energy production. Presentations will cover the NPP Region, all the way from the British Isles to Northern Scandinavia. The event will take place in conference center Lasaretti, in Oulu and registration is open until 30th of May at More information about the event is below:

Invitation to the WARES conference

Smart grid workshop organized by NorTech Oulu

NorTech Oulu participate in the organizaton of the "Älyäkkönää Energiaa" event in Lazaretti, together with Business Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Oulu Energy and Metsäkeskus. the event attarcted 170 participants. NorTech Oulu was resposnible for organizing a workshop on smart grids.
The presentations of the Smart grid workshop
The Smarctic project.

Fist year of the Kolarctic ENPI funded "OILSPILL" project is behind

"Enhancement of Oil Spill Response System through Establishing Oil Database" project (KO437) has progressd well, as was noted in the steering group meeting of the project in Ivalo on 18th of June. This project, which is led by the State Regional Centre of Standardization, Metrology and Testnig in Murmansk Region (MCSM), has produced already plenty of vital infromation, which can be used to improve the oil response capabilities in the northern waters. More information about project and its results form the first implementation year are below.

Partners of OILPILL project met in Ivalo

Traffic and transportation issues were on focus in the Green Ways seminar

The Green Ways seminar, wich was organised on 14th of May, gathered plenty of interest. If you missed the event, but are interested about the presentations, these are now available here. More information about the event itself can be found below.

The Green Ways seminar was held in Oulu - cycling the cities greener

Live stream available for the Green Ways seminar on 14th of May

The Green Ways seminar has received a plenty of interest from Oulu and further away, but not everyone is able to come Oulu in order to attend the seminar. Therefore, it has been decided to stream the seminar live by using Adobe Connectpro video conference programme. The live stream is availabe at on Tuesday. More information about the programme and instructions about its use can be found from here.

Registration is now open for the Green Ways seminar to be organised in Oulu on 14th of May

NorTech Oulu organises a Green Ways seminar in Oulu on 14th of May, which is part of the Greensettle project. The topic of the seminar is how to combine traffic needs and the efforts to make cities more environmentally friendly, turn them into Green Cities. This topic will be addressed during this one day seminar with presentations ranging from public transportation to light transportation. Case studies will be heard dealing with Finland, Russia and the USA. The event is free of charge, but advance registration is requested by 10th of May at More information about the seminar and the seminar programme can be found by following the links below. More information about the project itself is available at the website of the project.

Programme of the Green Ways seminar

Announcement about the Green Ways seminar

NorTech Oulu is improving oil spill prevention and response in the Arctic

The kick off meeting of Kolarctic ENPI CBC funded "Enhancement of Oil Spill Response system through Establishing Oil Database" project (KO437) was organised in Murmansk in September. This international project aims to improve oil spill prevention and response in the Arctic waters, where shipping and oil spills are expected to increase in the future. More info from below:

A joint project targets oil spills in the Arctic waters

Greensettle project is moving "energy efficiently" onwards

The first two thirds of 2012 have been busy time for the Greensettle project, and many milestones have already been reached. One of these was the aproval of Sari Piippo's diploma thesis by the Faculty of Technology in June. Sari's thesis, "Municipal solid waste management (MSWM) in sparsly populated Northern areas: Developing an MSWM strategy for the city of Kostomuksha, Russian Federation, has been published at the project's website with other waste management reports. These studies offer a blueprint to update waste management in remote areas and to improve resource management in general. Other research topics have been on the agenda too, and several other publications have been produced. These reports, which are mapping resource potential as well, are available at the Energy Efficiency pages of the project. The reports cover various aspects related to energy efficiency, everything from energy audits to the use of varoius energy efficient technologies in buildings.

Homepage of the Greensettle project

Cityscapes seminar of the Greensettle project was organised in Joensuu

North Karelia hosted the first Greensettle seminar, which was organised in Joensuu on 11th of May. Cityscapes and city planning was dealt extensively during the the event by several specialist. A walking tour of the Joensuu city center showed, how the theories of building liveable city centers have been followed in Joensuu.

Cityscapes seminar was held in Joensuu

The first seminar of the Greensettle project is approaching...

The first Greensettle seminar will be organised in Joensuu on 11th of May. The day-long event deals with cityscapes and is open for public. More information about the event is available from the seminar invitation below:

Cityscapes seminar in Joensuu on 11th of May

Grants for the research of smart grids

The board of the Oulun Energia has awarded grants for research on smart grids, which is done at NorTech Oulu. PhD Antonio Caló was awarded a post doc grant for research on Smart energy networks in the North. Also Jean-Nicolas Louis was awarded financing for similar research. Calo's postdoc research and Louis' diploma work will be carried out at NorTech Oulu. More information about this research project is available from the project website.

Smart energy networks in the North

Frameworks of ecomunicipalities were defined in the first diploma work of the Greesettle project

The Green Cities and Settlements - sustainable development in border areas project, which was started in March 2011, has reached one of its first milestones. The first diploma work of the project has been completed. Ioannis Chamilos studied in his thesis, which was accepted in the Faculty of Technology in December, the definitions of eco-municipalities. This thesis formed also the final exam of his BEE studies. The thesis, "Resource Efficiency in an Urban Context: Defining the Framework of Eco-Municipalities", is available in electrical form at the website of the project.

Website of the Greensettle project

First BEE has graduated and the third MicrE diploma work has been finished

Antonio Caló, who has been working in the MicrE project, is the first student to graduate from the Barents Environmental Engineering (BEE) programme. Caló's diploma thesis about smart energy grids was accepted in the Faculty of Technology in the October. He has continued working in the MicrE project and took part in on the first international smart grid energy conference, which was organised in Venice, Italy.

More info on MicrE website

Green Growth and the Arctic seminar at the University of Lapland

The Green Growth seminar engaged the question whether a Green Growth opportunity exists for the Arctic, or if the destiny of the North is to remain an area of resource extraction. NorTech Oulu has been in the expert panel of the seminar, which was held as part of the University of the Arctic 10 Years celebrations. NorTech Oulu argued that the key ingredients of green growth in the Arctic are awareness, knowledge and openness; and highlighted the role of universities in developing and dispersing environmental technologies and pointed out that the youth of the region are the instruments of change. The seminar concluded that Green Growth is not only a political rethoric and Arctic areas are interesting for more than oil and gas. The University of the Arctic was expected to take the responsibility in providing further forums to engage in discussion and being the voice of indigenous people.

Report on the Green Growth and the Arctic seminar

The second MicrE diploma thesis is ready

The second diploma, whic was carried out in the MicrE project, has been completed. Johannes Ritamäki's thesis, "Waste Material Mediated CO2 Capture and Storage", was accepted by the Department of Process and Environmental Technology of the University of Oulu. Johannes studied in this work the suitability of oil slash for storage of carbon dioxide. The experimental part of the work was done at University of Umeå, Sweden, under the supervision of professor Jyri-Pekka Mikkonen. The electric version of the theseis is available below:

Link to Johannes Ritamäki's diploma thesis

Funding was granted for a new ENPI project

NorTech Oulu was granted funding for GREENSETTLE project from the ENPI Karelia CBC -programme. The aim of the project is to encourage the development of eco cities and settlements in rural border areas. The aprtners include organisations from both Finland and Republic of Karelia and the duration of the project is 36 months. More information about Greensettle from the project website:

Home page of Greensettle project

NorTech organised a regional MicrE seminar in Oulu

NorTech Oulu together with Oulu University of Applied Sciences organised a joint seminar on biogas in Oulu during February. Despite the cold temperatures, which reached below -20 celsius, many dared the weather and took part in the seminar.

Biogas seminar in Oulu


NorTech visited "The" research centre of Northern Sweden - Umeå

MicrE Team of University of Oulu visited city of Umeå in January. The purpose of the trip? To find out, how our diploma worker was getting along with the Swedes... Read more about this by clicking the link below:

NorTech in Sweden

Joensuu was the venue for the Sustainable Energy Systems 2010 conference

The Sustainable Energy Systems 2010 conference, which was held in the end of November, brought together all the energy projects finnaced from the EU's Northern Periphery Programme (NPP). The conference was also attended by many other experts and organisations working in the energy sector and from the whole programme area of NPP, from Eastern Finland to Greenland. A partner meeting of the MicrE project was held in connection of the conference, which brought NorTech Oulu to Joensuu too. More information about the conference:

Sustainable Energy Systems 2010

A tour of Swedish biogas plants

Oulu University of Applied Scinces together with Sotkamo research station of the Finnish Agrifood Research organised a week long excursion to Swedish and Finnish biogas plants. Representatives of NorTech Oulu were aong the travellers, who carried out this trip in the beginning of November. More about this trip behind the link below...

Visit to Swedish biogas plants

Northern Energy Forum in Oulu, 5.10.-6.10.2010

A bit over hundred specialists on northern energy issues attended Northern Energy Forum, which was held in Oulu in the beginning of October. The topic of this two day long event was northern renewable energies. NorTech Oulu was also present...

The challenges of the northern renewable energies

SkyPro conference

NorTech Oulu organizes togeter with SkyPro Oulu a conference to present clean air research at the

More information at the SkyPro conference page

First diploma thesis of the MicrE project is ready

The first diploma thesis, which has been carried out in the MicrE project, has been completed. Anu Kauriinoja's diploma work, "Small-scale biomass to energy solutions for Northern Periphery Area", has been accepted by the Department of Process and Environmental Technology of the University of Oulu. The diploma work is available also in electrical version, see the link below.

Link to Anu Kauriinoja's  diploma thesis

The first year of MicrE is done - two more to go

The first year of the MicrE project, which is coordinated by the North Karelia University of Applied Sciences, has been completed. NorTech Oulu has actively taken part in the project and mapped out energy solutions for sparsely populated rural areas. More information about the project:

MicrE has proceeded "energeticly"

CEPEK project has ended

The two year long CEPEK project, which was financed by the TACIS programme of EU, has ended. The Project met its aims succesfully. More infromation about the project and about the activities:

CEPEK project completed succesfully

Call open in Barents Master's Programme on Environmental Engineering

The Barents Master's Programme on Environmental Engineering (BEE) is an international two-year programme of 120 ECTS, including an exchange period in one of the partner universities in Norway, Sweden or Russia. Graduating students will be awarded a degree of Master of Science in Engineering from the University of Oulu.

BEE graduates enter the job market as experts in environmental engineering, with specialization in the Barents environmental conditions and skills to understand international contexts of environmental issues.

The programme is open for applicants with an applicable university Bachelor degree in engineering, or an applicable university degree suitable for engineering studies. In addition, the applicants need to have good or excellent grades in basic studies in Mathematical Sciences (e.g. mathematics, physics/chemistry). 

The call for the BEE Master's programme is open 1.12.2009 - 1.2.2010 at

For more information, visit the programme website at

EnePro conference

NorTech Oulu organizes a conference to present energy-related research at the University of Oulu. The conference is free to participate.

More information at the EnePro conference page.

Second part of the CEPEK training programme has began

Training of a new CEPEK student group began in April. Finnish and Russian teachers are responsible together for the training of this new group. More information about this study programme below.

Second part of CEPEK training

PeTeKe seminar was held in Petrozavodsk

Seminar dealing with the results of the PeTeKe-project was held in Petrozavodsk in the end of April. More information about the seminar, including seminar presentations, can be found below.

PeTeKe seminar

Russian project partners of the PeTeKe-project on a training trip to Oulu

Researchers of the Petrozavodsk State University visited Oulu in the end of March. During this four-day trip the visitors gathered plenty of knowledge at the Finnish Seed Potato Centre Ltd. and at MTT Ruukki. More information about the visit behind the following link.

PeTeKe visit to Oulu

The first part of the CEPEK training completed

The first phase of the CEPEK training, which began in May 2008, is now almost completed. The last lecture of the further education programme of the workers of the companies and the Russian university teachers will be held in May. More information about this below.

First part of the CEPEK training

Waste minimization and resources use optimization

NorTech Oulu is organizing a post-graduate seminar together with the Mass and Heat Transfer Proces Laboratory of the Univeristy of Oulu. The seminar is organized under the aegis of the Graduate School of Energy Science and Technology.

Course programme

Moment network seminar

The Moment network presented its activities at Oulu University in a seminar organized by NorTech Oulu. The goal of the Moment network is to promote collaboration between women in technology in the Nordic countries. Ranghild J. Rensaa, the coordinator of the Moment network and director Eva Pongrácz have agreed to continue collaboration.

The poster of the seminar

University of Oulu participated in COPENMIND exhibition and conference

Environmental Technology Development Programme coordinated by NorTech Oulu was introduced in the COPENMIND exhibition and conference on environmental technology in Copenhagen, Denmark, in September 2008. At the stand, University Oulu presented its know-how e.g. in the areas of resource efficiency, water resources and waste water engineering and sustainable energy production and pollution control with the theme “Clear ideas from the North”. Representatives from NorTech Oulu were Director Eva Pongrácz and project researcher Jenni Ylä-Mella.

Photos and more information in the web site 

Russian partners of the PeTeKe project visited Oulu in February

Researchers of the Petrozavodsk State University and the farmers, who are taking part in the project, visited Oulu on 11.2.-13.2. The programme included a visit at the MTT Ruukki's research station, where the guests were told about the research activities of the unit. The potato research laboratory, which has played a central role in the project, was also was also visited, and the guests were told about the equipment and methods used in the laboratory. The trip took the guest also to Tyrnävä, to see the facilities of the Finnish Seed Potato Centre Ltd, and also to a local farm, where they could see for themselves, how winter storage is organised in a typical potato growing farm. The last point of the visit were the Finnish Plant Protection Authorities (EVIRA) offices in Liminka.  


The fourth Business Workshop of the BERMAP project in Murmansk on 20.11.2007 Water systems and use of chemicals in water purification processes



Closing seminar of the KeMMI project in Kuusamo on 3.12.2007 Changing climate - a challenge for tourism

Seminar program (In Finnish)

A press conference was organised about the ”Development of Potato Technology in the Republic of Karelia” -project

On Monday, 15th of October, a press conference of the PeTeKe-project was organised at the research station of MTT Ruukki. Members of the BERMAP steering group had been also invited to the event, in order to get to know more about the first concrete cooperation project, which had emerged of the BERMAP-project. After a short overview of the PeTeKe, the laboratories of the MTT Ruukki were presented, as well as those concrete analyses and researches, which will be carried out in Ruukki. There were several members of the media at present, and the project gathered attention in numerous newspapers, such as in Kaleva, Maaseudun tulevaisuus, Suomenmaa, Raahen seutu and Siikajokilaakso. The initial invitation to the conference and the material presented in the press conference are attached (in Finnish).


PeTeKe project press-release


The third Business Workshop of the BERMAP project in Petrozavodsk on 30.10.2007 Modern Wastewater Treatment Technologies in Small Units

Workshop program


PeTeKe project news (week 42)



News archive