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The Cityscapes seminar of the Greensettle project was organised in Joensuu

The first Greensettle seminar was organised in Joensuu on 11th of May. An eager group of people interested in city planning and cityscapes was treated with presentations ranging from the past of city planning to the future challenges. Questions were not withold in the lively debate, which followed the presentations.

Eva Pongrácz from NorTech Oulu opened the event and gave a short overview of the Greensettle project. Then the stage was given to Helka-Liisa Hentilä from the department of Architecture at University of Oulu, who focused in her keynote speech on the fundamentals of designing liveable cities. In many cities walking districts have been constructed in order to bring the life back at the city centres - pedestrians have been able to reclaim the centres from the motorists. Protection, invitations and delights are the key issues in planning of liveable cities, but they should not be designed only for the summer, as Hentilä reminded the audience. The public spaces should be designed for all seasons, bearing in mind that the summer tends to be short in the north.

Cityscapes seminar

Juha-Pekka Vartianen gave a presentation about city planning in the host city of Joensuu.

In the next presentation the listeners got a taste of the real examples of the city planning as Juha-Pekka Vartianen told about city planning in Joensuu. He presented the history of Joensuu through cityplanning and draw attention also to the current building projects and future plans of the City of Joensuu. Unfortunatelly due to last minute cancellations the listeners could not hear about city planning examples from other Finnish cities.

Then Eva Pongrácz continued the event by telling about reseource efficiency in urban context, and similar topics were dealt in the following presentation as well. After lunch Topi Tiihonen from Eero Paloheimo Ecocity Ltd presented the ecocity calculator, a programme designed by the organisation he was prepresenting in the event. Using this calcualtor it is possible to take into account the environmental impacts and emissions in the planning of land use. The calculor has already been used by many cities in their area planning. Finally Eva Pongrácz presented shortly a research, which had been done in the Greensettle project. The aim of the research had been to form a framework for ecomunicipalities and study how with the help of environmental technology quality of living can be improved and emissions can be decreased.

After the presentations some of the participants took a walking tour and found out how Joensuu center has been made more liveable and appealing to pedestrians. Wolves instead of cars?


The programme of the Cityscapes seminar


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