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The workshop Modern technologies of water purification in the pulp&paper industry will take place in Archangelsk (Archangelsk State Technical University) on the 3.-4.5.07. This workshop is organized under the framework of BERMAP project. The aim of the workshop is to introduce modern technologies of water purification in the P&P industry.

Workshop program


BERMAP project press-release (week 12)


The project “Development of education of Environmental Engineers at Murmansk State Technical University for the years 2004-06” is over.

The aim of the project was to help Murmansk State Technical University to open new specialty “Environmental Engineers” and to raise the level of education into the high international standard with assistance of the Finnish Universities (University of Oulu and Tampere University of Technology) and companies.

Thus, the knowledge of modern Environmental Engineering has been transferred to the Murmansk Region. Students have been taught in the field of waste management, air protection and soil remediation. The study trips to Finland were arranged every summer and the modern foreign literature, teaching and laboratory equipment was purchased.

In addition to the environmental and international expertise, the project introduced new teaching methods in MSTU.


BERMAP project press-release (week 43)


Cleaner Production: continuing education of Northwest Russian university teachers

Program 2 with more focus on management (pdf)

More information: Roman Gokkoev, tel +358 40 5392133




Business Workshop in Petrozavodsk 22.-25.11.2005

The first of several business workshops of the BERMAP project will be organised in the Petrozavodsk State University of in the end of November, marking thus the start of business activities of the project. The aim of this seminar is to offer Finnish know-how to Karelian enterprises and also to support the efforts of the Northern Finnish companies in gaining wider awareness for their products in the region. The themes of the workshops have been selected according to the interests of the Karelian companies, who are especially interested on the issues of water supply and sewerage as well as on the construction field. Similar workshops will be organised in Archangelsk, Murmansk and once again in Petrozavodsk in 2007.


More information: Niko Hänninen, tel +358 40 704 5512


New BERMAP project launched

Borderline between universities and companies to Northwest Russia -BERMAP project has been accepted to be funded through the Karelia Interreg Programme. The project consist of three parts:
1) Education
2) Research
3) Business
The three-year project will study educational and research co-operation opportunities between Murmansk, Arkhangelsk State Techical, Petrozavodsk State Universities and Oulu University and Oulu Polytechnic up to year 2010 and survey potential business projects for the Finnish companies in Northwest Russia. Combining these elements a feasible educational plan will be developed.
The project will study education and research related business projects. The emphasis of the project is on environmental sector and through it other sectors present at the universtities will be studied. The project includes also continuing education and workshops.

More information: Risto Hiljanen, tel. +358 400 584 669


Benchmarking in Europe

Kalmari-project (working for testing possibilities for environmental technology) and it's partners took an excursion in the beginning of September to Folkecenter. Participants represented five environmental technology companies, Employment and Economic Development Center of Northern Ostrobothnia , City of Oulu and University of Oulu , NorTech Oulu.


Folkecenter is an independent, non-governmental institute specialized for developing, testing and demonstrating renewable energy technologies in Denmark, West Jutland. It was established in 1983 to pave the way for renewable energy by technologies which are designed for manufacturing in small and medium scale industries.


Folkecenter works on four major fronts:

1. Development and implementation of renewable energy systems: small scale wind power innovation and design; farm biogas design and demonstration; CO 2 neutral transportation with hydrogen and plant oil; solar architecture and integration of solar cells in buildings; wave energy testing,

2. Consulting manufactures, local consumer groups and relevant initiators within renewable energy,

3. Disseminating information on renewable energy in Denmark and elsewhere, to trainees, concerned citizen groups and political decision makers focusing on decentralized solutions,

4. The Village for Green Research demonstrates practical examples of integration of several energy solution, solar housing, water recycling systems etc as an experimental and functional example of a future ecological society.

More information Folkecenter


Pirkko-Liina Elomaa, 0400-292 511



Barents Waste Management Workshop, Oulu, November 17-19, 2004

Within the framework of the projects "Development of an Environmental Platform for the Northern Calotte and North West Russia" and "Environmental Cluster" NorTech Oulu is organising the "Barents Waste Management Workshop". The workshop is aiming to share knowledge and foster cooperation between Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Russian actors in the waste management sector.

Day 1: Visit to some of the waste technologies companies of Oulu Region

Day 2: Keynote speeches from guest speakers will allow you to know further the legislation, as well as the investments and technologies needed in the future for each of the countries. There will be possibilities to present poster of your company. Lastly group discussions formed by interest will enable to discuss further cooperation possibilities. A cocktail will close the actual workshop day.

Day 3: Possibilities to meet with other companies, especially the Russian companies to discuss of more individual cooperation.

More information: Marguerite Guibert, tel +358 40 586  1444


City of Oulu is focusing on the quality of the air in the city center

Quality of the air will improve in Oulu as the city officials install exhaust gas purification systems to city vehicles. Road construction and maintenance unit of the city will install Finnkat -emission control systems to 15 of their vehicles operating in the city center. These systems are installed to trucks, motor graders and ride on lawnmovers which are in average older than rest of the city fleet.

This one year long project focuses on operational quality and endurance of the purifiers. All regular field tests are carried out according official instructions and EU-standards. Tests are implemented by Oulu Polytecnic personnel, who will be using their exhaust gas laboratory equipment.

This project is one part of larger Ecotest Oulu -project which is a carried out by NorTech Oulu/University of Oulu and environmental technology companies at Oulu region. Ecotest Oulu is funded by Employment and Economic Centre of Northern Ostrobothnia and the companies themselves. The aim of the project is to improve testing of environmental technology products finding actual testing grounds or places to promote and introduce new products.

Further information:
Director Matti Matinheikki, Road construction and maintenance/City of Oulu,
Tel. +358 8 5584 2254, +358 44 703 2254
Managing Director Martti Kauhanen, FinnKatalyt Ltd.,
Tel. +358 8 571 5520, +358 400 545 624
Ecotest Oulu -project: Project Manager Pirkko-Liina Elomaa, University of Oulu, NorTech Oulu tel. +358 400 292 511