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Green cities and settlements ENPI project

The project aims to encourage the development of green cities and settlements in remote
border areas. The bottom line of green urban and rural settlements is to create the smallest
possible ecological footprint and to produce the lowest quantity of pollution possible, while
efficiently using land and providing a pleasant living environment.

Apart from providing a pleasant living environment, green settlements protect natural resources
and the natural heritage as well as utilize the cultural heritage as a factor for development.
The outcome of the project will therefore promote competitive capacity and the living standard
in remote border areas through utilizing cross-border best practice approaches to spatial planning
based on efficient utilization of local potential and environment friendly technologies.

Main activities – work packages

  • WP1 – Spatial planning of remote regions
  • WP2 – Urban and rural resource management
  • WP3 – Roadmap for a sustainable spatial development
  • WP4 – Cross-border networking
  • WP5 – Dissemination

Contact persons

  • Project leader: Eva Pongrácz, Docent, Dr.Tech., eva.pongracz(at)
  • Project manager: Niko Hänninen, Phil.Lic., niko.hanninen(at)
Project Partners





This project is co-funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of FinlandENPI CBC Karelia