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Based on the synthesis of assessment results from spatial planning and resource management an objective-led assessment will be used for the description and visualization of the desirable future. The methodology of backcasting will be used to describe the path toward the envisioned future. This will lead to a roadmap for sustainable spatial development, which will be constructed using social impact assessment.The main output of this task will be a set of recommendations on raising the efficiency of economic use of the pilot territories, preparation of development projects. Assessment of the socio-economic impacts of the planned demonstration projects.

Assessment reports
To get a coherent picture of resources, assessment reports will be compiled on the development potential, including best available technologies and spatial-, facility- and resource based development options.

Sustainable spatial development scenario and backcasting
A functional vision of a desirable future of a climate-neutral economy, which includes efficient and clean resource use, aesthetics, respecting cultural heritage, maximizing the wellbeing and prosperity of the people. Backcasting is setting intermediate targets from the present state to achieve the desired future vision and this way drawing roadmap to meet targets of sustainability.

Socio-ecological assessment
Estimation of the impact of planned economic development on local people, description of medium and long-term repercussions on the local cultural heritage. Cross-referencing with long-term projections of climate change impacts.

Demonstration targets
Small-scale demonstration projects to exploit the economic potential of unused local resources



This project is co-funded by the European Union,
the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland
ENPI CBC Karelia