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Centre of Northern Environmental Technology
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In WP2, for the selection of urban and rural resource management best practices, the method of comparison will be initially used, by evaluating empirical evidence from Finland (and Europe). As well, demonstration of best practice technologies will be carried out, by adapting them to local conditions, and evaluating their performance. The ultimate target is to describe a strategic solution for integrated waste and resource management. Main output Assessment of the potential of pilot territories and economic estimation of the development of local public facilities using environmental best practice technologies, based on utilization of local resources.
Estimation of resource potential
Mapping of resources suitable for economic utilization, estimation of potential for the development of local public facilities

Strategic waste and resource management planning
Best practices of integrated waste and resource management on different scales. Implementation of a small-scale demonstration project to exploit the economic potential of unused local resources.

Identifying environmentally friendly technologies using local resources
Finnish and European experiences, set of technical solution for waste and resources management and energy efficiency in the pilot territories.

Recommendation in natural resource management
Set of recommendations, terms of reference for the development of public facilities based on the use of local resources with regard to Finnish and European experience


This project is co-funded by the European Union,
the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland
ENPI CBC Karelia