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Roadmap to a smart Arctic specialization (SMARCTIC)

The objective of the project is to formulate a future vision and a roadmap toward the further development a Finnish Arctic expertise. The project will primarily evaluate how the principles of sustainable development and human well-being shall be realized in future natural resource exploitation projects and when taking advantage of new transportation routes. In order to respond to this concern, the project will examine the main research questions and, at the same time, evaluate the capacity for industrial renewal and assess new business potential.

The project is based on an innovative combination of high-level expertise, through which we can evaluate interdisciplinary interfaces, which can lead to new innovations. The implementation of the project will be based on the work packages, which will be realized in inter- and multidisciplinary working groups. The generated vision and roadmap will provide the base for a large strategic opening.

The thematic areas (work packages) of the project are as follows.


WP 1: The Arctic context
The process of identifying the level of knowledge of the Arctic and the position of Finnish organizations Arctic expertise and identify potential added value of Finland's key technology areas of expertise.
Contact person:: Anna Leinonen, VTT

WP 2: Environmental informatics and mobile technology
The aim is to identify the future development of wireless communication environment and human measurement and data transmission. Based on this analysis, personalized and interactive services supporting human well-being and sustainable development will be analyzed.
Vision: Wireless communication and smart metering methods to maintain Arctic capability
Contact person: Prof. Pentti Leppänen, Centre for Wireless Communication

WP 3: Smart logistics, infra and living environment
The aim is to look at the impact of new traffic openings and intensified use of natural resources on traffic flows, urban structures and infrastructure, as well as to identify and list those related to new business opportunities and the development of services. Key priorities are accessibility, sustainability and growth.
Vision: A vibrant community in the North, with sufficient logistics secured for people and companies, accessible services, as well as ecologically, socially and economically sustainable environment.
Contact person: Prof. Jari Juga, Oulu Business School

WP4: Natural resources management and economics
The aim is to identify and list synergistic solutions to the sustainable use of Arctic resources to support and identify related innovations and business opportunities.
The vision is that of an Arctic IT-enhanced eco-industrial system.
Vision: Arctic IT-enhanced eco-industrial system
Contact person: Eva Pongrácz, Thule Institute, NorTech Oulu

WP5: People in the North
The aim is to characterize and list of the measurement and information systems related to the monitoring the well-being of Arctic residents, and those moving to the Arctic in search of work; as well as identify related services and new business development opportunities
Vision: Identifying the factors affecting welfare and safety of individuals and the community, health indicators monitored in real-time. Data on welfare is collected into databases that allow comprehensive assessment and enable influencing interfering factors at an early stage.
Contact person: Prof. Arja Rautio, Thule Institute, Centre for Arctic Medicine

WP 6: Roadmap to an Arctic expertise
Roadmaps will be made for selected Arctic regions and, based on it, produce a vision for formulating strategic openings
Contact person:: Anna Leinonen, VTT

WP 7: Strategic opening and business potential
This work package evaluates suitable business models and ecosystems for the Arctic and analyzes them through a scenario process to link with the roadmaps.
The assessment of business opportunities will be linked to enablers and substance work packages in order to result in integrated scenarios. Presentation of WP7
Contact person: Prof. Petri Ahokangas, Oulu Business School



Project partnership

Lead Partner:
University of Oulu, Thule Institute, Centre for Environment and Energy

- Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT)

  Thule CEE  
Project duration




Contact persons:

Coordinator: Erkki Alasaarela, University of Oulu, Thule Institute