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First part of the CEPEK training completed

The first part of the CEPEK training has now been completed, with the exception of the last, postponed lecture. The final training session, which had to be cancelled in January, will be held on 18th and 19th of May. The programme, which began in May 2008 with the Basics of Economics -lecture, has proved to be succesful. Between October and March, during the peak period of the further education programme, five teahers from Petrozavodsk State University and the Kostomuksha Branch of the university, and nine workers from the OOO AEK and OOO Elektrokos companies have taken part in the education

Teachers from University Oulu and POHTO Ltd have been responsible for the training, but on some occasions they have been supported by specialists of the PKC Group from Raahe and Kempele factories. The programme consisted on eight 2-day long training sessions,  which ahev been organised in Kostomuksha, with the exception of one. During five lectures the focus of the training has been on production management and planning, on three occasions it has been working culture and staff related issues. The last remaining training session focuses also on production planning.


The Russian teachers and the workers of the companies have upgraded their competence and know how during the training.  Especially the simulation excercise, which was held in POHTO's training factory in Oulu during end of November, was popular among the students. The students were responsible for running of a company, all the way from purchases of material to production and sales of the manufactured goods. The exercise showed clearly, how the different parts of the company are closely connected to each other and how small changes in some of them can have  major impacts for the whole. 
The teachers of POHTO Ltd together with their
 students at the POHTO training factory in Oulu


The training has given the workers of the factories new tools for problem solving, and other information to tackle the challenges of production planning, which they face in their everyday jobs. Similarly, the teachers have been able to upgrade their know how about Finnish and western approachers towards human relations issues and production planning. Because of this, they are more capable of working alongside their Finnish collagues and teach these topics.   Feedback has been colelcted constantly during the training and appropriate changes have been done to the study programme, which will be held again for a new group later.  Training of this new group will be carried out by Finnish and Russian teachers together.

Teacher Kari Kisko and the students in the middle of a team work excercise Teacher Matti Muhos observes the students doing a computer task. The computers were purchased by the project

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