EnePro Conference

Advancing Research in the Energy Field at the University of Oulu

June 3, 2009
University of Oulu, Tietotalo 2, IT 116



As a closing event of the EnePro project, Nortech Oulu and the Thule Institute organized a conference to present energy research at the University of Oulu. The purpose of the Conference was to provide a forum for researchers to introduce their research and promote networking among the researchers and with energy industry. In addition, the conference showcased the multidisciplinary nature of energy research of the University.

The Conference consisted of three sessions:

  1) Renewable energy sources and energy production
  2) Environmental impacts of energy production
  3) Energy efficient production and products

The presentations of the conference and the publications of the conference proceedings book are available through the following links.

Conference programme and presentations (in Finnish)

Conference proceedings

Contact information:
Eva Pongrácz, Jenni Ylä-Mella and Anni Paukkeri
University of Oulu
NorTech Oulu, Thule Institute
tel. +358 8 553 7559
E-mail: firstname.lastname (at) oulu.fi