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Development of education of Environmental Engineers in the Murmansk region in cooperation with Murmansk State Technical University (MSTU) for the years 2004-2006

The aim was to stabilise the education of environmental engineers into the high international level at Murmansk State Technical University with assistance of the Finnish universities (Oulu and Tampere) and companies. The future MSTU graduates will have good professional skills and they will be able to carry out international co-operation.

The project included:
- lectures in the field of environmental technology (waste management, air purification, and soil remediation)
- purchase of literature and laboratory equipment
- purchase and teaching material and computers
- dilpoma works supervised by the Finnish experts
- student excursions to Finland

By the end of a project a modern high-quality study programme for environmental engineers reached a stable status and it is about to become a permanent part of education at Murmansk State Technical University.
Lectures were conducted to teachers and students of MSTU by Finnish specialists from Oulu University and Tampere University of Technology. It updated the know-how of the Russian lectors to high international level in the field of waste management, air purification and soil remediation.  In addition, laboratory equipment  as well as literature was purchased for the needs of MSTU.
The diploma work training for the students from ASTU and from MSTU was organised in Oulu and in Tampere, during the springs 2005-2006. The topics of their diploma works were dealing with comparison of soil ecological monitoring systems in Finland and in Russia, utilization of medical wastes, comparison of Russian and Finnish systems of monitoring the landfills and studying the hazardous waste management system in Finland.


Finland: Tampere University of Technology, Ministry of Education, Head Consulting Ltd.
Russia: Murmansk State Technical University, Arkhangelsk State Technical University, Murmansk Regional Committee on Education, Murmansk Regional Committee on Environmental Protection, Murmansk City / Committee on Environmental Protection

Project funding:

  • Finnish State
  • Russian Federation

1.1.2004 - 31.12.2006

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