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Cleaner Production: Continuing education of Northwest Russian university teachers

The development aim of the project is to transfer the Scandinavian cutting-edge Cleaner Production knowledge (including environmental management, technology and legislation) to Northwest Russia in order to provide the key persons of the Russian companies, regional authorities and universities the sufficient up-to-date Cleaner Production competence.

The purpose of the project is to carry out during year 2006 a continuing education of university teachers on Cleaner Production based on the needs of industries in Northwest Russia.

Within the project, two one-day seminars on Cleaner production were held in Russia (Murmansk and Petrozavodsk). On the seminars, the latest understanding and meaning of Cleaner production as well as the needs of the Russian universities in continuing education and the needs of the Russian industries in specialists were presented. Also two one-week training programs for totally 43 Russian university teachers were planned in detail and held in Oulu on weeks 40 and 48 in 2006.

Program 1 with more focus on technologies (pdf)

Presentations (read only ppt)

Group photo 6.10.2006 (jpg)

Program 2 with more focus on management (pdf)

Project funding:

Finnish Ministry of the Environment


1 - 12/2006

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