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Development of an Environmental Platform for the Northern Calotte and Northwest Russia (BEP)

Project Website:

The Barents Euro Arctic Region and especially the Northwest Russia is extremely rich in natural resources but its ecosystem is fragile. To find the balance between today and the future, we need to cope with the existing environmental problems, and provide information about the environmental situation for future investors or companies wanting to make business with Russia.

A single body is not able to implement such a large scale program in this northern area. But LuleŚ University of Technology, the University of Oulu, the Polytechnic of Rovaniemi, Arkhangelsk and Murmansk State Technical Universities and Kola Science Centre operating as a strong cross-border co-operation network are presently developing a platform of environmental knowledge to aid sustainable development and socio-economic problems in North West Russia.

In this environmental platform, a network of experts and a common research program will be established, and the knowledge about Russia increased. An interactive database of existing research and collected data will be developed thus facilitating the designing of new projects. Sustainable services to companies, industries, future investors and authorities will be set up.

Project partners:

  • Sweden: LuleŚ University of Technology and Skandinavisk Ecotech AB, Enviro Data
  • Finland: University of Oulu, the Polytechnic of Rovaniemi, PSV-Maa ja Vesi Oy and Projektikonsultit Infra Oy
  • Russia: Arkhangelsk State Technical University, Murmansk State Technical University and Kola Science Centre
Involved organizations:
  • Finland: Aleksanteri Institute, Geological Survey Institute, Finnbarents ∑
  • Russia: International Study Centre in Apatity
Funding for the project:
  • Interreg III A Kolarctic
  • Swedish Institute
  • Partners of the project

7/2002 - 3/2005

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