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Sustainable Tourism in Changing Climate (KeMMI)

The project will produce research data essential for the tourism development in Northeast Finalnd connected to climate change adaptation and forecasting. Throught the project research data connected to climate change and its influence will be delivered to tourism companies and administrators and climate change competence will be developed.

The specific aim is to increase cooperation between local actors and tourism administrators in order to ease climate change adaptation and achieve sustainability.

The project's target group are tourism companies, development organisations and public institutions in Northeast Finland. The project's indirect target group are educational organisations in the region.

The project will arrange on 3.12.2007 a big public event for all interested quarters.

Press release 20.3.2007 (In Finnish)

Closing seminar in Kuusamo on Monday 3.12.2007 Changing climate - a challenge for tourism

Seminar program (In Finnish)

Project funding:

  • European Social Fund
  • State Provincial Office of Oulu

3 - 12/2007

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