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Reduce of River and Lake System Diffusive Loading by Developing Measuring Technology and Data Transfer (HAMIKE)

In Finland bigger and bigger part of river and lake system loading comes as diffusive. Due to determine loading and to take needed actions for it's reduction there should be a real time information on flow rate and water quality as accurate as possible.

The aims of the project are

  • to find ways to measure diffusive loading easier, more accurate and cheaper using new technology
  • to map out the current situation of measuring chain and to develop the whole measuring chain from the measuring point to data processing
  • to reduce diffusive loading by more efficient functioning of water treatment units
  • to develop round-the-year loading measuring station

During the project a decision model, where flow rate measuring technology and water quality monitoring will be combined, will be developed i.e. a round-the-year loading measuring station will be developed. The attention will be paid to how the data from measuring devices will be immediately and confidentially transferred forward and how to get data readable and ready for exploitation in real time.

The final product of the project is a description of a functioning measuring chain and demo versions (2) of a measuring station. A complex model including planning of measuring decision, construction and installation of measuring weirs, installation and maintenance of measuring devices, data transfer, handling of the results and reporting will be elaborated during the project.

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