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Quality Sampling in Environmental Monitoring and Research III

Main task of the project is to accomplish level of knowledge required by Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and their certification board in quality sampling (QS). Training upon this project also prepares students for the final exam required for the license (QS) which can be granted by SYKE.

One of the goals is to improve and update knowledge of right technique and purpose of sampling in general. Also the influence of sampling in environmental research and monitoring pays a great role in this project. It gives a good overview of different methods which are used, also by actual examples.

Target group: Personnel carrying out liability monitoring, other quality sampling for follow up and research. Also personnel aiming for such duties.

Project partners:

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), PSV Maa ja Vesi Ltd.


November 2001 and as requested

Project Manager:

Pirkko-Liina Elomaa

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