Water Asset Renewable Energy Solutions NPP project

Water Asset Renewable Energy Solutions (WARES) is a two-year strategic project of the Northern Periphery Programme, which explores the opportunities to generate renewable energy at water utility assets. The main objective of the project is to provide innovative renewable energy solutions to remote areas by finding unused opportunities for renewable energy generation within the activities and property of the water sector. WARES aims at establishing partnerships between the water industry and neighbouring communities and help sourcing the capital investment required to commercialise these opportunities, such as creating Public Private Partnerships.

The project is led by the International Resources and Recycling Institute in Scotland, in partnership with Action Renewables in Northern-Ireland, Mayo County Council and Clár-ICH in Ireland, Narvik Science Park and Northern Research Institute in Norway, and the University of Oulu in Finland.

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This project is funded by the Northern Periphery Programme





  • Diploma work of Victor Pavlov published
  • WARES Conference (4.6.2014) presentations and summary of panel discussion at the conference site
  • WARES conference in Oulu, 4.6.2014, pictures in Facebook
  • WARES partner meeting in Oulu, 3.6.2014, pictures in Facebook
  • WARES with a poster at the Clean Air Research Conference, 12.11.2013
  • WARES project presented at the Water Research Conference, 15.8.2013
  • WARES e-book published by IRRI
  • Diploma work of Lauri Mikkonen published
  • WARES partner meeting in Derry, Northern Ireland, 3.-4.9.2013, pictures in Facebook
  • WARES partner meeting in Narvik, Norway, 27-29..5.2013, pictures in Facebook
  • WARES PARTNER meeting in Ireland, Mayo County, 11-14.3.2013, pictures in Facebook






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