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NorTech Oulu visited Umeå in January

The second diploma thesis work of the MicrE project began in September 2010, when technical student Johannes Ritamäki started his work in the MicrE project. Johannes was selected to study the storage and capture of carbon dioxide in waste material, and the practical part of this research was going to be done at the University of Umeå, under the watchful eye of Professor Jyri-Pekka Mikkonen. In October Johannes packed his bag and headed for a three month long mission to Sweden. The staff of NorTech Oulu, accompanied by specialists from the department of Mass and Heath of the University of Oulu, followed Johannes' footprints took the course towards Umeå in end of January. The supervisors of Johannes' diploma work, Mika Huuhtanen and Riitta Keiski, were anxious to find out, how Johannes had managed in a foriegn lab, on foreing ground, as the MicrE team. The purpose of the trip was also to visit the different laboratories of the University of Umeå and get to know better, what kind of energy research is carried out there.

In the course of this three-day long trip the visitors got to hear and see by themselves, how Johannes' research had proceeded in Umeå. Jyri-Pekka Mikkonen took his guests from one laboratory to another, as the group soaked up all the tiny bits of information about the research activities of the university. Excursions took the group from the univeristy campus to close and far away, as the group visited the biofuel research centre of the Swedish Agriculture University (SLU) and the biorefinery of Domsjö. The biorefinery was located in Örnsköldsvik, about an hour south of Umeå, in a former pulp mill. The trip was deemed a great successl, as our "man in the west" was found to be in good health, despite the numerous laboratory experiments and the heavy snowfall encountered in Umeå. The visitors had learned a lot about about the research activites dealing with energy along the high coast of Northern Sweden.

MicrE in Umea
Professor Jyri-Pekka Mikkonen together with his guests from Oulu in front of the SLU research station in Umeå. From left: Jyri-Pekka Mikkonen, Mika Huuhtanen, Riitta Keiski and Anna Avila from the Heat and Mass laboratory of University of Oulu and Auli Turkki and Eva Pongrácz from the MicrE Team.


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