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The challenges of the northern renewable energies - Northern Energy Forum in Oulu, 5.10.-6.10.2010

The renewable energies of the North Calotte, the northern parts of Finland, Sweden and Norway, were the focus of the Northern Energy Forum, which was held in Oulu in the beginning of October. Over a hundred participants from Finland, Sweden and Norway took part in this event, which was organised by NoE - Energy in Cold Climate -project (financed from Interreg IV A Nord programme). The event included presentations about the research carried out in the region, about the future trends of energy markets and about individual energy projects. Eva Pongrácz from NorTech Oulu gave a presentation about the energy research carried out at the Univeristy of Oulu, and MicrE was also presented with its own stand.

There were also numerous companies and other organisation presenting their own activities in the field of renewable energies. These included hydro, solar, wind and bio energy, and also measures aimed at energy efficiency. The cases presented in the event ranged from vast wind parks planned for Northern Sweden, electric car production in Oulu all the way to small scale biomaterial humidity measurers. On the second day the participants were divided into small groups, where they addressed in detail the challenges and possibilities of these energies. The seminar programme can be found behind this link and more information about the whole project can be fround from the website of NoE at

Northern Energy Forum
Auli Turkki and Eva Pongrácz were among those members of MicrE Oulu Project team, who took part in the event held in October. Eva Pongrácz gave also a presentation about the energy research carried out at the Univeristy of Oulu.


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