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Centre of Northern Environmental Technology
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Thule Institute
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Environmental Technology Development Programme

The purpose of the Environmental Technology Development Programme is to advance environmental technology research at the University of Oulu, through improving research collaboration within and beyond the university. The Programme aims to provide a forum for researchers to find areas of common interest and encourage multidisciplinary collaboration. The Programme also aims to boost the profile of environmental technology research. The homepages of the Programme present research conducted under the four major themes:

These pages will provide a concise forum to find update information on main areas of expertise, current research activities and major events, to present and future partners in industry, academia and administration alike.

The Programme is coordinated by the Centre of Northern Environmental Technology (NorTech Oulu) of the Thule Institute, and its activities are overseen by a programme steering group.


Programme steering group members

Prof. Kauko Leiviskš, Dean of the Faculty of Technology (chair)
Prof. Riitta Keiski, Responsible leader of SkyPro Oulu
Prof. Jouni Pursianen, Dean of the Faculty of Science
Prof. Kari Laine, Director of the Thule Institute
Lic.Sc.(Tech.) Jukka Hiltunen, head of the Department of Process and Environmental Engineering
Prof. Marja Lajunen, Vice Director, Chemistry Department
Prof. Bjørn Kløve, Director of the VALUE Doctoral School
Prof. Erkki Alasaarela, Director of NorNet
Prof. Arja Rautio, Director of the Circumpolar Health and Wellbeing Programme
Prof. Kari Strand, Director of the Global Change in the North Programme
Ph.D. Jaakko Rämö,Coordinator of Nordic Mining School
M.Sc. Pasi Keinšnen & Pirjo Koskiniemi, Business Oulu

Contact person

Programme Director, Docent, Dr. Eva PongrŠcz


  • Midnight Pitch Fest, August 22-23 in Kuusisaari, Oulu. An event on entrepreneurial growth organized by BusinessOulu and Business Kitchen. Tickets


Public examination of a doctoral dissertation



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